Website Booking Engine


When managed correctly, reservations that originate from your website can be your lowest cost channel with the highest potential for return. However, statistics show that over 40% of consumers fail to complete bookings on a hotel website simply because of booking or navigation problems.

CoHoRes offers a dynamic mobile and web booking engine solution. Powered by the industry’s leading technology the CoHo booking engine has proven results that convert double the reservations than our competitors.

Responsive Design.

CoHo offers a truly responsive booking tool that helps hoteliers capture reservations across multiple devices. With dynamic features such as add-on packaging and upsell capabilities the CoHo Booking Engine works to drive incremental revenue and higher ADR for our hotels.

A Customer-Centric Buying Cycle

Merchandising — Increase revenues by guiding the customer through an experience buying process. CoHo’s booking engine offers intuitive shopping paths hotels can use to merchandise products through promotional pricing, dynamic packaging and other add-ons.

Comparison Shopping — Side-by-side comparisons of room offers create a more streamlined shopping process, making the purchase decision easier and faster.

Geo-Promotions — Target customers by region using CoHo’s geo-promotions option. Serve up special promotions based on their location and maximize your booking potential.

Upsell — Increase per booking revenue by offering real-time room upgrades after your guest has confirmed their reservation.

Multilingual — Increase global reach with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, including 31 languages and right-to-left support for Arabic.

Guest Experience — The CoHo Booking Engine solution undergoes continuous testing to ensure a positive guest experience throughout the booking process. The ability to capture extensive guest information contributes to a more personalized interaction between you and your guest.