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At our core, we are hoteliers.  We began this journey as owners and operators of both branded and independent hotels.  Over the past thirty years we have amassed a wealth of knowledge, resources and people.  Our hospitality side focuses on providing services to support the operators of the business.  We believe when the hotel is focused on owners, customers and employees that the business thrives.  CoHo’s management team takes a hand-on approach and works with our properties to ensure that key strategies are in place and that the team is focused on growing revenues.  We create an environment that allows operators to operate and owners to own.

Our elite central reservation system (CRS) creates a seamless integration for our customers to effectively manage real-time inventory.  Our support for our reservation clients is much more than most distribution providers in that we strive to provide a level of personalized connection unmatched by our CRS competitors.  We pride ourselves on finding solutions that maximize opportunity for our clients, and often engage our reservation customers in both revenue management and digital marketing support services.  Each client works with a dedicated revenue architect whose sole purpose is to help the property increase revenues.  Our goal is to approach distribution from a hotelier’s perspective and our motto is “when you hire us you get us”.